Privacy statement


Accessing the information provided by the Zurich Forensic Science Institute does not result in collection or storage of personal data for the purpose of evaluating individual user behaviour.

However, certain information retrieval and transaction sequences can only be processed with a minimum disclosure of personal data. The relevant data protection provisions apply.

Non-tracking data

Data is generated when using the website. Some of the data creation is required for technical reasons. Other data is collected deliberately to gain information about usage for the purpose of adapting to user needs.

The first time the website or one of its subpages is accessed, a cookie is placed on the visitor's system by the load balancer. This cookie contains a random hash value that is used to define the server to which all subsequent requests from the system are directed. The aim is to distribute the load evenly across all servers.

Google Maps

This website uses the Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface) to display interactive map information. When using Google Maps, Google also processes and uses data about visitors' use of the Maps functions.