Departments of the Zurich Forensic Science Institute

The six departments of the Zurich Forensic Science Institute provide a comprehensive range of services to criminal investigation authorities.

Crime Scene Department

Our forensic all-rounders.

The members of the Crime Scene Department (KED) are deployed from Zurich and Winterthur for forensic evidence recovery throughout the Canton of Zurich.


The classics of forensic science.

The field of Criminalistics (KT) is concerned with the classical types of evidence-gathering.

Accidents and technology

It doesn’t always have to be a crime.

Trace and physical evidence can be used for more than just identifying offenders and solving crimes.

The Department for Accidents and Technology (UT) uses such evidence to determine the causes of accidents and reconstruct their circumstances and timeline.


Capturing and verifying personal identification attributes.

The Department of Biometrics (BI) employs forensic methods to compare attributes such as appearance, handwriting, and the voice.


High-tech evidence analysis.

The Analytics Department employs state-of-the-art equipment and physical-chemical methods to identify unknown substances and quantify known substances.

Zurich Explosive Disposal Service

The specialists for cases involving explosives.

The explosives disposal experts of the Zurich Explosive Disposal Service (FOR-ZED) are on call for the cantons around the clock as the Eastern Division Bomb Squad to safely dispose of improvised explosive devices (IED) and objects suspected of being IEDs.

In the case of events that fall under federal law (especially crimes involving explosives), the FOR collects and analyses evidence at the scene anywhere in Switzerland under the orders of federal agencies.

As the national Bomb Data Centre, FOR-ZED stands in direct contact with international partner organisations.